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Weight control trainer in Faridabad

Weight Control Training in Faridabad at Style of Fitness helps you for good physique , muscular tone  and improves your appearance. Ziley Mawai is famous celebrity (Tiger Sharof) fitness trainer gives wellness training to Men,Women and kids.

Why to Choose Styleoffitness

Our weight control program give you tips and training for weight gain resistance. We give you useful weight control tips via loss weight diet plans also.

Weight control trainer in Faridabad
Weight control trainer in Faridabad

Apart from Weight Control you can get training from us for

  • Cardiac health
  • Antigravity fitness
  • Muscular Strengthening
  • Body Balance
  • Muscle Mobility
  • Mental Health

Modes of Weight control exercise 

Weight Control exercises like push-ups or squats, that require nothing but your body on the other modes of weight control like  gym your require expensive heavy machines and free weights requires some equipment.

These equipment based training is not that much effective for long terms as body weight training gives you endurance,  styleoffitness gives you
Weight Control Training (Faridabad)

Bodyweight Strength Training

The styleoffitness app provides best customized workouts that improve your enduranceu. Here’s an example of how a typical workout could look like:

Bodyweight (or pistol) Squats
3 sets of as many reps as possible

3 sets of as many reps as possible

3 sets of as many reps as possible

Handstand Push-ups (or holds)
3 sets of as many reps as possible

3 sets of at least 20 seconds

Bodyweight (or pistol) Squats
3 sets of as many reps as possible

Weight Control by Diet 

Along with Weight control exercise your diet also plays a major role. 

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Eat more Fruits and Vegetable
  3. Beans and Whole grain
  4. Cut down added sugar food
  5. High fiber rich nuts and seeds
  6. Cut down Baked and refined oil cooked diet
  7. Take probiotics
  8. Drink unsweetened coffee.
  9. Fast intermittently
  10. Drink unsweetened Green Tea
  11. Eat slowly
  12. Replace fatty oil with coconut oil to reduce belly fat
  13. Count your calories
  14. Add protein to your diet
  15. Supplement with glocumannnan
  16. Spice Up your meal
  17. Use whey protein
  18. Avoid Steroids

Benefit of Weight Control

There are so many health problem which can be arise due to overweight or being obese. Some major health issues are

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart Disease
  •  Stroke
  •  Risk of type 2Diabetes
  •  Osteoarthritis
  •  Back Pain
  • Knee pain

While there are plenty of ways to lose weight, finding a healthy eating and exercise plan that you can follow for life is the best way to ensure successful, long-term weight loss, and maintain good physique and muscular strength.

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Main Huda Market, Faridabad.
Celebrity Trainer (Ziley Mawai)
Contact No.: 9614141405

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